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Single Lane Tea Stick Machines

The SINGLE-LANE TEA STICK MACHINE is the most economic Tea Stick Machine to start your Tea Stick business easily and in the shortest time. It is the most reliable Tea Stick machine for entry-level capacity and cost. This machine can be used for different types of Tea or supported products for Tea Sticks such as Sugar, Coffee Sticks, Orthodox Leaf Tea Sticks. The output for the Single-lane Tea Stick machine is 25 - 30 Sticks per minute.

We can supply the cheapest Tea Stick machine in the world. Not only is this entry level Tea Stick machine the cheapest in the world, we can supply the machine in approximately 8 weeks from the timehttp://www.teastickmachine.com/index_htm_files/0.gif of receipt of Purchase Order, which means you can be in production in a muchhttp://www.teastickmachine.com/index_htm_files/0.gif shorter time than with other suppliers. The machine will workhttp://www.teastickmachine.com/index_htm_files/0.gif with most standard and easily available Aluminium Foil Laminated Films and is simple to operate and maintain.

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