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Automatic Carton Lining Machine

Automatic Carton Lining Machine 

CLM 18000 is an Automatic Carton Lining Machine with advanced features; like Vacuum Belt blank feeding, Web Aligner and Servo Liner unwind with Tension Control.

Liner fed in a roll form is formed into a tube of the required size, cut into the required set length and pasted into the Carton blanks, which is then pre-folded and conveyed on to Timing Conveyors. After the Liner application the blanks are folded in the final folding section and delivered into a Pressure Conveyor where the Glue gets set and comes out of the conveyor as a fully finished 'Lined Carton'.

Change over from one size to another size is possible with recommended change parts, which extends the machine utilization and increases productivity.

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