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Automatic Lined Carton Packing Machines

Automatic Lined Carton Packing Machines 

C Pack 3000, C Pack 1500, C Pack 800 are different ranges of automatic lined carton packing machines tailor made to suit customer requirements. 

Carton erection, sealing, filling and flap gluing are done automatically at an output speed of 12 to 50 packets per minute depending on the pack size and machine model. 

Change over from one size to another size is possible in all models with standard change parts, which extends the machine utility and enhances productivity. 

Attachments: - 

  • volumetric / gravimetric filling system depending on the product characteristics
  • take out pressure conveyor for cold glue setting used for flap gluing
  • online mechanical embossing device for coding MRP, Batch, Date of Packing, etc., on the outer major flap of the carton
  Optional: - 
  • hot melt application system
  • bulk hopper and material handling accessories
  • leaflet insertion devices
  • lid applicator
  • vacuum, vacuum/gas flushing attachments

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