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Bulk Density Meters conforming to ISO, ASTM, ISO Standard & USP II Standards

Model 2503
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  • the Bulk Density Meter, Model BDM 5003 is a general purpose instrument that can be used to measure the Apparent Bulk Density (or Tamping Density) of any dry free-flowing Powders, Crystals, Granules, Particles or Flakes like Tea, Coffee Powder, Chicory Powder, Instant Coffee, Milk Powder, Soup Powder, Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Cereals, Flour, Wood Particles, Pigments, Metallic Powders, Chemicals, Resins, etc
  • this Bulk Density Meter does not conform to any recognised International Standard
  • the Bulk Density is measured as (XXX) CCs per (YYY) Gm. The Volume of a standard weight of the product, as can be read off the graduations of the measuring Cylinder (or Flask), after jogging the product in the Flask by a preset or selected number of strokes, is a measure of the Apparent Bulk Density (or Tamping Density) of the product
  • the Bulk Density Meter vibrates a Pan holding a 500 CC Measuring Flask through a precise amplitude of 3 mm at about 1,500 strokes per minute through a Sinusoidal pattern of reciprocating motion and by a preset number of strokes, selected according to the characteristics of the material, accuracy required and the objectives of the measurement. The number of strokes can be set anywhere between 1 and 9999, inside the Meter. The default number of strokes, as set in the factory, prior to dispatch is 350. The volume of a standard weight of the material, as read off the bottom edge of a Mandrel placed over the product or material inside the Measuring Cylinder (or Flask), after jogging, is a measure of the Bulk Density of the material
  • for specific applications, other custom-made models can be supplied with a Measuring Cylinder/Flask of larger or smaller capacity and with a stroke of a larger or smaller amplitude

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