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Bulk Vacuum Packing of Tea

Advantages of Bulk Vacuum Packaging of Tea:

  • enhancement of shelf life due to the absence of fungal or bacterial growth in vacuum
  • retention of aroma and taste, as there is no external activity or contact with the atmosphere. The bacteria and fungi, which were there before packing, are destroyed after vacuum packing
  • vacuum packed tea is superior to ordinary packets, in retaining taste and smell after three months
  • absence of moisture absorption, since the Tea is isolated from the atmosphere. Hence there will not be any variation in moisture content at the time of packing till the packets are opened. So the customer can be ensured about the quality
  • reduction in volume and increased stack ability due to the rectangular briquette shape of the vacuum packed Tea reduces transportation costs and storage space compared to ordinary packed Tea
  • shorter cycle time of only around 20-80 seconds depending on the vacuum level and size of the pack
  • extremely simple to change heating element and teflon cloth
  • custom-made to suit customer's specific requirements
  • avoids pilferage
  • Tea can be purchased and stored during the seasons when quality and prices are favourable and sold later when market conditions are more favourable
  • manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 certified company

Bulk Vacuum Packing Machine

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The features of the system are as follows:

  • microprocessor based machine, with preset programmes, which precisely controls the levels of Vacuum and Gases
  • facility to flush up to two Gases namely Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen at pre-settable levels
  • the speed of the system is higher than the conventional Vacuum Packaging System. Cycle time for one Packet is 30 to 35 seconds
  • side Guards for the Conveyors and the Vibrator
  • machine comes with an Oil mist-free, Low Noise, Rotary Vane, Double Stage, Directly Coupled, Vacuum Pump with a capacity of 150 Cubic Meter Hour
  • prompt and economic after sales service through a well-knitted network
  • pneumatically controlled Sealing Jaws
  • vertical configuration ideally suited for Bulk Packaging
  • easily slidable Door
  • equipped with Photo-electric Sensor for human protection during closing
  • sensors provided for precise control of Vacuum and Gas level
  • robust construction

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