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  Drum or Silo/Tower Type Tea Blending Machines

Main Product Overview


Two different types of blending machines (bulking, or mixing machines) are offered which are suitable not only for Tea but also for any other dry and free-flowing powders, crystals, granules, flakes, grains, seeds, etc. Both types of blending machines can be integrated with a batch blending system and/or a cleaning system to work in tandem.

The batch blending system is capable of repeat production of several identical batches to make and deliver a large heterogeneous batch of unlimited size.

Drum type Horizontal Rotary Tea Blending Machine

  • an ultra-modern design that achieves 100% uniformity in less than three minutes, with fastest cycle times, gentle product handling and lowest energy consumption
  • handles materials with high or low bulk densities, particle sizes, or flow characteristics
  • no residual material for manual intervention, thereby improving product quality and process control
  • working capacities from 1.5 to 8.4 Cubic Meters per batch available
  • suitable for any type of Green, Orthodox, or CTC type of Teas, including the very large leaf Orthodox OPA, OP and OP1 grade Teas
  • offers far greater degree of uniformity of mix, far less breakage of Tea particles, far less graying of Tea particles (or loss of Bloom), when compared to manual blending of Teas on the floor
  • virtually dust-proof and needs no Tea dust collection for itself
  • an option of Stainless Steel Contact Parts is available

Silo/Tower type Vertical Static Tea Blending Machine

  • working capacities from 10 to 30 cubic meters per batch available
  • suitable for all grades of Teas except the very long leaf Sri Lankan Orthodox OPA, OP1 and OP grade Teas
  • offers lowest capital investment, power consumption, man-power and energy requirement per ton of installed capacity
  • an option of Stainless Steel Contact Parts is available

Additional Options

  • vacuum assisted Pick and Place System for handling tea chests and/or paper or HDPE woven sacks
  • automatic sack slitting and compacting unit
  • in-line batch blending system
  • in-line Tea cleaning system
  • Tea flavouring system
  • de-stoning machines
  • drum type, grate (rod) type, or plate type magnetic separators
  • single, double, or multi deck counter-balanced type reciprocating vibratory sifters
  • single, double, or multi deck out-of-balance type motor driven vibratory sifters
  • single, double, or multi deck gyratory type vibratory sifters
  • Tea dust /fines collection system
  • automatic recycling of Tea dust/fines
  • automatic continuous weighing and dispensing of Tea up to 80 Kg
  • load cell based platform weighing scales
  • electro-pneumatic net weigher
  • automatic weighing, bagging, filling in hessian / HDPE woven bags, or paper sacks
  • bag or paper sack stitching
  • Tea gapping (secondary Tea drying)
  • bulk vacuum packing of Tea
  • dense phase conveying of Tea
  • vacuum conveying and distribution of Tea
  • ethylene oxide gas steriliser
  • axial and centrifugal type fans
  • shaker type and pulse jet type bag filters
  • trolley bins
  • slow-speed continuous type bucket elevators
  • high-speed centrifugal type bucket elevators
  • all kinds of conveyors, hoppers, silos, etc.

A Tea batch blending plant that can repeatedly produce identical blended batches can be integrated with either type of blending systems, such that the two units work together in tandem. This is suitable for batching not only all types and grades of Teas, but also any other dry and free-flowing powders, crystals, granules, grains, seeds, etc.

Tea cleaning plants are available for separating and removing common impurities that are heavier than Tea, like sand, stones, plastic, glass, rubber, all kinds of small & large non-magnetic tramp metal pieces like, brass, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, etc., magnetic impurities, found in tea, like iron and rust powder non-magnetic and common impurities found in Tea that are lighter than Tea, like dust, Tea fluff, jute & cotton fibres, hair (both human and animal), etc.. This Tea cleaning system is completely different from the conventional mechanical de-stoners commonly used in the food grain and seed trade. It is possible to have either an independent stand alone Tea cleaning system comprising of a de-stoner cum de-duster, or a de-stoner only, or a Tea cleaning system integrated with either type of Tea blending systems, such that the two systems work together in tandem. Similarly, a Tea batch blending system together with a Tea cleaning system can be integrated with either type of Tea blending systems, such that the three systems are integrated and work together all in tandem.

World-class Tea flavouring plants, employing stainless steel contact parts, suitable for applying liquid flavours without the use of compressed air (which results in heavy loss of expensive liquid flavours) on to Tea, or any other such dry and free-flowing powders, crystals, granules, grains, etc., are offered in any capacity.

Two different models of bulk density meters (or tap density tester, or tamping density volumeter) are available to measure the bulk density of Teas, or any dry free-flowing and non-fluffy powders, crystals, granules, flakes, grains, seeds, etc. One model namely, BDM 5003 is a popular economy model, while the other model, namely, BDM 2503 is a more sophisticated model confirming to ISO, ASTM and USP II international standards.

Chandy John undertakes total responsibility from initial planning of concept to final execution of the project.

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