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MiniSlit Sack Slitting and Compacting Machines


Full Description
Unlike other machines the MiniSlit™ utilises a band-saw knife cutting principle. Its versatility means the MiniSlit™ handles throughputs from 3 to 8 sacks per minute*. Typically, sacks are fed via a belt type in-feed conveyor, which positively drives the bag onto the internal belts. These belts maintain forward momentum through the high-speed carbon steel, band-saw blade. The serrated slitting action slices the sack almost entirely in two and the product is efficiently separated and discharged. The empty/waste sack is managed by a set of internal rollers, taking it finally into a side mounted compacting chamber where the sack is processed into a dust tight polythene tube.

Capacity: 3 to 8 sacks per minuteMiniSlit Sack Slitting and Compacting Machines

Finishes: Mild/carbon steel, paint finish Stainless steel 304, various grades of surface and weld polish

  • hinged sack in-feed door
  • positive drive internal gripper conveyor
  • continuous serrated Band saw cutting edge
  • unique sack inversion system
  • internal waste sack compactor
  • rear & side hinged doors for easy operator access
  • high speed continuous throughput
  • shred free cutting
  • COSHH / dust tight operation
  • minimal maintenance & easy cleandown
  • compact for restricted workspaces
  • low running costs
  • high emptying efficiency
  • range of finishes available
Sack Material & Products Handled
  • paper (single or multi-ply)
  • flour
  • paper with inner liner (fixed or loose)
  • cocoa powder
  • plastic
  • whole hazelnuts
  • polywoven (with or without liners)
  • potassium hydroxide
  • hessian/burlap/jute
  • talc
  • paper foil
  • PVC powders  

*Dependant on materials, environmental conditions, etc.

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