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Full Description
The RotaSlit™ Bag Splitter is used for splitting and emptying of single or multiple layer bags made from paper, polyethylene, polyethylene-lined paper, interwoven plastic, or polyethylene-lined interwoven plastic.

The RotaSlit has three standard formats*:

              * a rotary cutting screw is incorporated to cut and break the sack, packet or packages
              * a single set of vertically mounted, serrated cutting discs
              * two sets of vertically mounted, serrated cutting discs

RotaSlit Sack Slitting and Compacting Machines

In operation, sacks or bags are loaded manually, or via a conveyor belt type in-feed into the enclosed primary splitting chamber. We would always recommend the use of a Vacuum Tube Sack Lifter is used in this process to reduce manual handling concerns. The bags drop directly onto a heavy-duty screw auger (or via the vertical cutting blades if included). Sacks will generally burst open on impact, although bags with multiple layers or plastic material are ripped open between the auger and trough. Almost all of the contents immediately fall through the mesh screen into the downstream process, usually via an angled outlet hopper.

Once crushed (or cut into hoops) the almost entirely emptied sack (or ‘bag hoops’ if cutting blades are included) passes into a tumble drum/screening chamber, which ensures product discharge efficiency. Paddles applied inside the tumble drum repeatedly lift up the empty bags/hoop sections and any remaining product is efficiently separated. To maintain a dust-free operating atmosphere, the machine includes an integral waste compactor, which is positioned at the end of the tumble drum process. Excellent access is provided to internal components for easy cleaning.

Capacity: 2 to 8 sacks per minute throughput

Finishes: Mild/carbon steel, paint finish stainless steel 304, various grades of surface and weld polish

  • screw auger cutting system
  • rotating mesh tumble drum
  • hinged doors for easy operator access
  • vertical serrated cutting blades
  • integral waste sack compactor
  • range of finishes available


  • hands free cutting system
  • COSHH / dust tight operation
  • minimal maintenance & easy cleandown
  • compact for restricted workspaces
  • 2 – 8 sacks per minute throughput
  • low running costs
  • high emptying efficiency

Products Handled

  • paper sacks (single or multi-ply)
  • paper sacks with inner liner (fixed or loose)
  • plastic sack
  • boxed cereals and sugars
  • hand-carry sugar packets
  • multi-packet plastic wrapped cardboard packages
  • icing sugar
  • granulated sugar

* Specification dependant on materials, environmental conditions, etc.

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