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Round Tea Bag Packing Machine

This Machine is based on the simple to set up and simple to operate, Sachet Machine, which has been adapted to produce Round Tea Bags. The Tea Bags produced can be between 50 mm and 70 mm in diameter, which has to be decided at the time of placing order. The machine runs at approximately 60 Tea Bags per Minute. The Machine is equipped with an Auger type Feeding Unit, as well as a Waste Paper Collection System.

Horizontal Round Tea Bag Forming and Filling Machine


Tea Bag Sizes:
Tea Bag volume:
Production capacity:
Electrical supply:
Electrical consumption:
Reel Diameter, (max):
Reel Width (max):
Reel Core Size:
Machine Weight:
Machine Dimensions:
Product Contact Parts:

50 to 70 mm Diameter
3 Gm.
60 to 70 Bags per Minute
220-380 V / 3 / N / PE
2 Kw.
300 mm
300 mm
75/76 mm
500 Kg.
0.8 X 2.0 X 2.0 (D x L x H) Meters.
Stainless Steel.

Round Tea Bag Packing Machine

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