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  Drum or Silo/Tower Type Tea Blending Machines

Tea Colour Sorting Machine


By adopting an Imaging Processing System with ultra-sensitive CCD Cameras, we are proud to introduce our Tea Colour Sorter which delivers excellent sorting ability for eliminating fleece, small stalks and red stalks, which is not possible by the Photo Sensor type Colour Sorter.


Accurate Sorting Results by Applying Image Processing System

Tea Colour Sorting Machine

Image ScanImage CaptureSearching DefectsEjector AimSimulation complete

Specially Coated 64 Channel Chute


  • Various kinds of raw materials can be sorted.
  • Specially coated Chutes are of semi-permanent material.
  • Materials can easily be sorted at very high rates.
  • Heat is applied to the Chute, allowing the Chute to be kept at the most suitable temperature.

Tea Colour Sorting Machine - Specially Coated 64 Channel Chute

Touch Screen


  • An 8" Colour TFT LCD (640 x 480) is used, which provides for convenient access to the interface.
  • Several languages supported.
  • Embedded OS of Microsoft applied / Windows CE. NET.
  • Various self-control systems used.

Tea Colour Sorting Machine - Touch Screen

New Technology of Light Resource


LED technology is used which provides the most reliable light resource. According to the kind of raw material, various LED colours can be applied without replacing the Fluorescent Lamp. This light resource will provide the best sorting result regardless of surrounding temperature or darkness and not to mention their life durability, which is semi-permanent.

Tea Colour Sorting Machine - New Technology of Light Resource

Sorting Examples

Accurate Sorting Results of Tea rejected Sorting Results of Tea   Accurate Sorting Results of Tea rejected Sorting Results of Tea

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< Reject >


< Good >

< Reject >

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