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  Drum or Silo/Tower Type Tea Blending Machines

Tea Stick Packing Machines

  Perforated Tea Stick Packing Machines


Technical Specifications

No. of Lanes 1 or 3
Speed 30 to 40 Cycles per minute
Output per minute
30 to 40 Sticks for Single Lane Machine
90 to 120 Sticks for Three Lane Machine
Packing Material
(20+20/0.9/20+20) microns
Perforations On-line
Dimensions of Machine 1,150 X 1,900 X 1,400 mm
Gross Weight of Machine 400 Kg
Electricity 380 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Control Unit 24 V DC
Power 7.5 Kw
Compressed Air Clean, dry Air according to DIN ISO 8573-1
Air Pressure 6 – 8 Bar
Air Flow 850 Lit. / Min

Electrical System compatible with European Safety Standards CE.

Colour RAL 7040
Ingress Protection IP 54
Outer diameter of Laminate Roll 320 mm Max
Core diameter of Al. Foil Laminate Roll 76 mm + or – 1 mm
Customs Tariff Codes (for both machines) 842240000000

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