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“The simple Tea Stick is a wonderful innovation. To be able to just put the Stick in to hot water and stir the Stick around, like a Spoon, to infuse the Tea, is an unbelievably simple idea”. An entry level 1-Lane Tea Stick machine is available. More compact, more economic, more reliable.

This is why the Tea Stick is becoming more and more popular throughout the world and we are able to offer you the best possible production option, as our machine perforates the Film during production, as well as creating the Stick, plus filling the correct quantity of Tea. Many Film Converters are prepared to offer you pre- perforated Film to use on a standard Stick Pack machine but on a long -term basis, this is an expensive option, as the material cost becomes excessively high. To perforate the Film during production is the simpler, better and cheaper way to go. With our machine, you can use a standard Laminated Film available from virtually any competent Film Converters in the world and also, the Stick is a very economical way to pack any product, if you want to save on Film costs.

Get a chance to pack with non-perforated Film.
Our Tea Stick machine gives you a chance to make Tea Sticks with non-perforated Film, instead of with high cost pre-perforated Films.

The most affordable machines for Tea Stick production.
Our Tea Stick machines come in 2 versions, a single lane machine and a 3-lane machine. These machines can be used to pack either CTC Tea or Orthodox Leaf Tea, although Orthodox Leaf Tea will run slower, due to its poor Flow Characteristics. The machine can pack from 30 - 40 Sticks per minute per lane when running with CTC Tea. Therefore, a 3-lane machine running with CTC Tea will produce up to 120 Sticks per minute. As with all machines, the product determines the final speed. When packing Orthodox Leaf Tea, the likely speed is 20 - 30 Sticks per minute per lane. Again, a 3-lane machine can pack up to 90 Sticks per minute when running with Orthodox Leaf Tea.


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