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  Drum or Silo/Tower Type Tea Blending Machines

Vacuum Conveying and Distribution

  • individual vacuum pump powered systems for single machines, or central vacuum pump powered systems for multiple machines for conveying dry, free flowing products, or for loading Process Machines and for other in-house conveying requirements.
  • materials can be conveyed from silos, storage hoppers, sacks, containers, blenders, dryers, etc.
  • vacuum conveying provides a clean, flexible, energy efficient, space saving and cost effective alternative to mechanical conveying for many applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastics industries.
  • systems for conveying any reasonably free-flowing material at rates from 30 to 15,000 kilos per hour, over distances up to 150 meters are available. Special systems for handling powders such as chalk, which is not free-flowing is also available.

Examples of products handled are: -

  • Food
    bread crumbs, coffee beans, cereals, dried foods, flour, ground coffee, herbs, malic acid, nuts, potato powder, pulses, rice, salt, seeds, spices, sugar, tea, wheat, whey, etc.

  • Pharmaceuticals
    antibiotics, chloride, potassium, soaps, tablets, talc, veterinary products, vitamins, etc.

  • Chemicals
    bentonite, calcium carbonate, chloride, diamond powder, fused alumina, glass fibre, glue pellets, lime, metal oxides, polyelectrolyte, quartz, sand, silicon carbide, silver grains, stearates, sulphur, vermiculite, zinc powder, etc.

  • Plastics
    epoxies, flakes, granules, pellets, phenolic powders, pigments, PVC powders, regrinds, rubber chip, urea, etc.

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