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VariSlit Sack Slitting and Compacting Machines


Full Description
The VariSlit™ utilises a twin-disk rotary cutting principle, which is suited to high throughput automatic sack opening applications (up to 12 sacks per minute). The machine body is larger than the MiniSlit™ and handles long sacks (such as aerosol/filter aids etc.) effectively.. Typically, sacks are fed via a belt type infeed conveyor, which positively drives the bag onto the internal belts. These belts maintain forward momentum through the horizontally mounted, twin rotating blades, which provide a shred free cutting profile around three edges of the sack, and the product is efficiently separated and discharged. The empty/waste sack is managed by a set of internal rollers, taking it finally into a side mounted compacting chamber where the sack is processed into a dust tight polythene tube. As with all Palamatic machines, the internal body components are easy to clean and maintain making this an ideal choice for food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as chemical and agro-chemical applications.

Capacity: up to 12 sacks per minute
VariSlit Sack Slitting and Compacting Machines


  • hinged sack in-feed door
  • positive drive internal gripper conveyor
  • twin disc rotary cutting system
  • multi toothed radiused cutting edge
  • unique sack inversion system
  • internal waste sack compactor
  • rear & side hinged doors for easy operator access
  • high speed continuous throughput
  • shred free cutting
  • COSHH / dust tight operation
  • minimal maintenance & easy cleandown
  • compact for restricted workspaces
  • low running costs
  • high emptying efficiency
  • range of finishes available
Sack Material & Products Handled
  • paper (single or multi-ply)
  • titanium dioxide
  • paper with inner liner (fixed or loose)
  • carbon black
  • plastic
  • coffee/cocoa beans
  • poly-woven (with or without liners)
  • sugar
  • hessian/burlap/jute
  • kieleguhr
  • paper foil
  • cabosi

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